Tackle Examinations


Tackle examinations can be undertaken both onsite or at our store at Derrylin. The examination will consist of a thorough examination of all components of the chain sling. Any defective parts will be replaced immediatelly and the item will then be forwarded for inspection.        


The items can be colour coded using the following methods

  • TagCheck System 1 or
  • TagCheck System 2
Both method use colour coded cable ties to identify to the owner/safety representive when the item will be due for inspection. System 1 and 2 differ slightly, please ring a staff member to determine which methods suits you.


Upon collection of the items you will recieve a certificate of examination valid for 6 months.



Lifting Equipment Sales

We carry a vast range of lifting components to suit any application, shackles from 1 to 85 tonne, chain slings with a SWL up to 40 tonne for example. Erne Lifting Service staff have 25 year experience in manufacturing chain slings and can offer advice as to which size and strength of sling will lend itself to your particular application

For further information on components click here or alternatively click on one of the links below
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